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Weight Loss

Las Colinas Pharmacy has been helping patients get healthier for over 32 years! As pharmacists, we are asked every day- “why is it so hard to lose weight?”. We understand our patients are all unique individuals with multiple factors contributing to weight gain or difficulty losing weight. When we do weight control consultations, we consider many issues:

Insulin Resistance

The number one health problem in America and most common cause of fat accumulation is insulin/glucose imbalance, often referred to as insulin resistance. We can help with a variety of programs and supplements.

Healthy Eating Style

We give expert advice concerning public misinformation about “what is a healthy eating style” and which foods are our best choices.

Hormone Balance

Female hormones- imbalances or deficiencies of female hormones commonly affect metabolism and weight.

Male hormones, such as, a decline in testosterone has been shown to slow metabolism, increase fat gain, and increase cholesterol.

Thyroid Balance

We help patients monitor 7 different thyroid hormones and markers for optimal thyroid function. Thyroid hormones modulate body temperature, carbohydrate, protein, and fat metabolism.


To stay healthy and lose weight, the body must be able to detoxify. Our 21 Day Purification Program is a favorite with hundreds of our patients, most doing the program twice yearly. The average weight loss is 10 lbs of fat and educates patients about healthy eating choices.


Many people are “stress eaters”

When stressed, the body is in a constant state of “emergency”, resulting elevated cortisol levels increase the likelihood of storing food calories as fat.

Food allergies

People often crave foods they are allergic to. Eating these foods result in inflammation and inability to lose weight.

The top food allergens are wheat and grains, dairy, soy and eggs.

Neurotransmitter imbalance

Depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia can all be signs of an imbalance in neurotransmitters and can affect weight control efforts.

Lack of exercise

Exercise builds muscles which are the basis of metabolism.

Exercise stimulates the body’s basal metabolic rate.

Now that we know many of the contributors to weight gain, how can Las Colinas Pharmacy help?

  1. Weight Control Consultation - We assess your case, explain involved issues and recommend an individualized treatment plan.
  2. Las Colinas Pharmacy 21 Day Detoxification, Purification and Weight Loss Program
  3. Hormone Consultation and Testing - Using our advanced case assessment software and low cost lab testing, we can help you achieve hormone balance.
  4. Professional Grade Supplements – Our professionals can provide expert advice on optimal supplement dosing to support many of the causes of weight gain.
  5. Accurate body composition testing using RJL Systems BIA analysis
  6. Expert advice about popular weight loss programs
  7. Food allergy testing
  8. Neurotransmitter testing
  9. Genetic testing - This is a pricey option, but does provide you with tons of good information, such as, what kind of exercise is most beneficial for you, what kind of diet you would benefit most from, what nutritional deficiencies your genotype tends to have, and what foods you are prone to be sensitive to. Ask one of the professional staff members at Las Colinas Pharmacy for more information.

Weight control is not based solely on the number of calories you eat! Feel free to ask one of our pharmacists for further information!