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Help us fight the threat to compounded Bio-Identical hormone therapy!

The FDA is signaling that it may consider new restrictions on compounded hormones based on a flawed and biased report it commissioned.

Help ensure access to compounded Bio-Identical hormones, visit compounding.com for more information. Take Action!

Podcast Interviews

Our pharmacist, Jim Hrncir is a highly respected health care provider and consultant. He is regularly asked to share his extensive knowledge about various health topics and is viewed as a pioneer in modern pharmaceutical compounding. Review some of his recent discussions below.

  • In our part 2 series, Jim discussed the intricate world of brain health, spotlighting its pivotal role amidst the prevalence of cognitive decline, PTSD, and mental illnesses in the U.S. He unraveled the complexities of brain inflammation and injuries, emphasizing the brain's capacity for self-healing. This episode, rich with Jim's insights, serves as a concise guide to understanding and addressing brain disorders, blending science and practical care. Listen Now on Apple Listen Now on Spotify Listen Now on YouTube
  • Jim discussed health and autoimmune diseases on My So-Called Fabulous, exploring modern pharmaceutical compounding's evolution. He addressed the rising prevalence and awareness of autoimmune diseases, management techniques for symptoms, and the absence of a cure. Jim elaborated on the diseases' complexities, toxins' role in triggering them, and lifestyle and functional medicine's significance in management. Listen Now on Apple Listen Now on Spotify Listen Now on YouTube
  • Jim was a guest on the PharmaSalon Podcast along with Lee Rosebush and discussed "Protocols for Effective Treatment of Disorders Affecting the Brain". They discussed treating veterans with traumatic brain injuries and PTSD and how different practice types can utilize these protocols. Listen Now
  • Jim recently joined Jill Chmielewski, RN, BSN on her Pausing Together Members-Only podcast where they discussed the safety, efficacy, and benefits of using customized compounded hormones. Listen Now
  • Jim once again joined Tiffany Blackmon on the My So-Called Fabulous for part 2 of her series talking about hormones. On this episonde, they dive into male hormones testosterone, estrogen, DHEA… it's all about balance. The loss of libido, erectile dysfunction and his formula for Yell Gel! Wow! You don't want to miss this series and if you haven't already, check out part 1 below! Listen Now on Apple Listen Now on Spotify Listen Now on YouTube
  • Jim was a recent guest on My So-Called Fabulous podcast with Tiffany Blackmon. On the podcast, they dove into a two-part series talking about hormones. Jim discussed his research and studies of hormones, specifically female hormones… progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone. You don't want to miss this series. Listen Now on Apple Listen Now on Spotify Listen Now on YouTube
  • Jim was a receive guest on Brian Carroll's podcast, Summit for Wellness. They discussed the "Benefits and Regulatory Issues of Compounding Pharmacies."Listen Now
  • Due to an overwhelming response, Dr. Jim Hrncir joined Inna Topiler MS, CNS a second time on Health Mysteries Solved podcast. They continued their discussion and dove deeper into questions around the safety and efficacy of compounding bioidentical hormones for treating the symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. Listen to Demystifying Hormones for Perimenopause and Menopause, Part 2 using the link below. Listen Now
  • Jim joined host Hillary Blackburn of the TALK TO YOUR PHARMACIST podcast to discuss Integrative Medicine- Nuts and Bolts of How to Practice. Listen Now
  • Listen to Jim Hrncir's interview on the LifeBlood podcast discussing Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy with host George Grombacher. Listen Now
  • Straight talk about compounding pharmaceuticals with Jim Hrncir RPh on How to Live A Fantastic Life with host Dr. Allen Lycka MD. Listen Now
  • Jim once again joined Inna Topiler, a board certified clinical nutritionist, on her podcast Health Mysteries Solved to discuss “Could Compounding Thyroid Medication Solve this Health Mystery?” Listen Now
  • Jim Hrncir was interviewed by Dr. Lindsey Berkson on her podcast "Dr. Berkson's Best Health Radio Podcast." On the show, Jim discusses what is happening with our rights to keep getting bioidentical hormones. Listen Now
  • Listen to Jim's interview with Ed Eichhorn on The Healing American Healthcare Podcast. They discussed "Pharmaceutical Compounding in the US". Listen Now
  • Jim Hrncir, RPh was recently a guest on the Health Mysteries Solved Podcast with Inna Topiler MS, CNS. On the podcast, they discussed a patient case study where the right combination of supplements, diet and Bio-Identical hormone therapy helped a patient regain her health. Listen to “Demystifying Hormones for Perimenopause and Menopause” using the link below. Listen Now
  • Jim was a podcast guest on The Optimal Life with Nate Haber and discussed The Beautiful Science Behind Anti-Aging. Listen Now


Pharmacist, Jim Hrncir was recently a guest on the weekly radio show, Health Matters sponsored by the Medicine Center Pharmacy on WHBC 1480 AM in Canton, Ohio. Jim discussed BHRT Compounding and the Risks to Patient and Provider Access with pharmacists Brad White and Paul White.

Dr. Jim Hrncir Talks Aging and Health at a recent A4M Conference

Jim Hrncir and Las Colinas Pharmacy featured in the December 2018 issue of America's Pharmacist magazine

Our pharmacist, Jim Hrncir and Las Colinas Pharmacy were featured in the December 2018 issue of America's Pharmacist magazine. America's Pharmacist® is the official magazine of the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) and reaches over 22,000 pharmacies. Read the full article here.

Jim Hrncir and Las Colinas Pharmacy were featured in the December 2018 issue of NCPA's America's Pharmacist magazine

Low Dose Naltrexone Radio Interview

Enlightening radio interview with integrative medicine pharmacist - Jim Hrncir RPh and U.K.'s Linda Elsgood, internationally known expert in Low Dose Naltrexone therapy. Poignant patient conditions that affect us all are discussed, centered around auto-immune, inflammatory and insulin resistance/cholesterol disorders.

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